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My name is Neta Brint and I am sinology which means I am passionate about Chinese media, culture, economy, and trends in China. I use this platform to share with you my passion in a fun and accessible way.
How it's started?
Due to my interest to learn about new cultures and about the Chinese beautiful characters I decided to study Anthropology and East Asian studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem back then in 2005.

After graduating, I had few job opportunities:

The first job was in the shipping business, I was very lucky to find a job as a representative of a local company in China and travel between port cities in order to promote local cooperation. Meeting with local companies in China and building cooperation was a great starting point at the beginning of my career and gave me a lot of confidence.

The next job opportunity was back in my country as a project manager coordinating between the Chinese manufacture and local importing companies both in Mechanical parts and fashion field.

While many of the students who study with me did not have a chance to work with a job related to China and to use their mandarin (even as a beginner), It was very comforting to find a job related to my field of study. However, I felt something is missing. I was not 100% satisfied.

My most prominent feature (with all modesty) is in making interpersonal connections. I'm great with people and it's natural for me to work where there is an audience.

And then one day I saw that the Ministry of foreign affairs is looking for a representative in Shanghai Expo 2010. I came to the interview, did the exams, and boom I was in! This was my dream job.

At the expo, I met people from all around the world who were enthusiastic just like me about China and about speaking mandarin. Representing my country in the Israel pavilion and introducing it to the Chinese audience made me realize this is where I belong, my lifetime job must include guiding and Chinese audience. Tourism is calling me.

After the expo finished, I came back to my country and worked as a travel agent while studying the extended 2 years of guiding course. After gaining experience I decided to establish my own Travel agency, Neta-Explore. In addition, I am excited to be a mother of two more “Babies”. Two projects who combine my passion and knowledge, Youyi and Tami-Tami.

project Youyi

有益 Youyi is an advantage in Chinese. The project came after meetings with local businesses that wished to have Chinese clients but didn’t know how to start and how to approach it. Together with my partner who is a native Chinese, we decided to help businesses to overcome cultural differences and basic communication gaps with their future Chinese clients. In this project, I use my guiding skills and everything I have learned about Chinese clients to help my costumers to adjust their business for a Chinese audience by making their business 100% Chinese friendly.

Tami Tami

While the Youyi project audience is local businesses, Tami-Tami is targeting Chinese clients. As Travel agents and tour guides, my partner and I learned which products the Chinese people are looking for. We decided to test products made in Israel for this market and help them reach it easily in one place shop. Tami is a common name in Israel and a shortcut of “Tested and made in Israel”. You are invited to view our products and check them by yourself, we are open to future cooperation ideas.
If you read up to this point, I REALLY appreciate it. This blog is where I write and speak about the subjects that I love. I invite you to join my journey and also be inspired by the China Media World.

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