Channels main page tabs “FOLLOWING, FRIENDS and HOT”

The content of the WeChat Channels main page comes from 3 different tabs: Following: Profile you follow. Friends: What friends have watched and loved. Hot: the best content for us, according to WeChat. This video focuses on the difference between these tabs and how to use them. By pressing the Friend tab, you will be able to view and learn the habits of your friends. All videos here have been marked «Like» by your WeChat contacts. Scroll down and check if your friends enjoyed a nice video to watch. Tap Next, tab to see which channels you are following. You can start following new channels by tapping the profile circle beside a video you liked. This will take you to this channel creator profile, at the top right you will notice «follow». By clicking follow, you will add that contact to the following list. Hot is what WeChat thinks you're going to love and recommend you to watch. It's an easy opportunity to get to know fun and connected videos based on your WeChat activity. This option reminds me of Weibo «hot» option which recommends on new trendy videos or even WeChat top stories with the most recommended articles WeChat . Scroll down and explore new videos that you might not find by looking solo and recommend to your friend by pressing the like button. Nearby Tab: Pressing the nearby button will show you which channels are operating nearby you. It might be nice and helpful to see and contact a Channel Content Creator operating nearby you. Next tab is the view setting It is the option on the right side of the screen with the user icon. You can manage and control your channel activity by viewing it in one place, view my next video and learn everything about it. Have a great day and Zai Jian! Neta #wechatchannels #wechat #chinesemedia