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“Chic in the kindest, most modern and elegant way”/ Vouge The last post was all about KOL in China, how crazy and big is this Key Opinion Leader phenomena there. This time we will focus on Chinese top Fashion KOL. Those are trendy and inspiring who loves and lives fashion! You should know about them […]
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“Chic in the kindest, most modern and elegant way”/ Vouge

The last post was all about KOL in China, how crazy and big is this Key Opinion Leader phenomena there. This time we will focus on Chinese top Fashion KOL. Those are trendy and inspiring who loves and lives fashion!

You should know about them not only because their videos are super fun, you can learn a lot from their video’s performance and marketing methods and to use it when posting your own social media posts.

We decided to introduce three (well 4 is a bad number in China) leading fashion KOL, who got more than 4 million followers so grab your sunglass and coffee and get your inspiration here.

I was looking for an inspiring social media account and so excited to be back with this girl.

Not only that, her videos are a food for our eyes, we get familiar with all the hot trends at the same time


Sunnie Loves Fashion

Sunnie is a KOL and a fashion blogger. She is not just a fashion blogger, her videos are a mixed of fashion show, cinematic video and got a twist of Chinese humor.

Her real name is Nie, she was born in 1992 and grow up in Xiamen, she has Weibo account since 2011 with the name “Sunnie loves fashion”, well the girl loves fashion (and we love her!).

You can find her on web account, Bilibili and WeChat. Oh, and she has a YouTube account as well!

Let’s go over her social media activities.

Weibo account : Sunnie loves fashion

She has more than 4.8 million followers in this platform.

We picked a video where she is at a party. We get to see her outfit, you feel as if you are watching a short film that has a story inside and Sunnie is the star, Here, all of us go to the dance club with Sunnie! Most of her videos are based on daily life associated with luxurious fashion accessories. in this case she is promoting Blueberry fashion. https://m.weibo.cn/status/4549162853206129?sourceType=weixin&from=10B5095010&wm=4260_0001

In the next video she nonchalantly opens the fridge, wearing luxury Burberry glasses and looking for an egg. Like the rest of us, right? Now, this is an inspiring and worth taking video. We will definitely try to make a video with this scene in our tik-tok and reels.

Photo credit: Sunnie Loves fashion official account


She wants to have a western audience so she adds English titles to her videos and you can also find the same video in her YouTube channel.

In its videos, there are English titles to the products, presenting Western brands for the Chinese people.

Another video includes a split screen which make you stop and look at it, the colors, the outfit, the music just fits together.

Photo credit: Sunnie Loves fashion official account

WeChat account:时髦人 Sunnie(=Fashionable Sunnie)

Her videos are fun, but there is a deeper level of her presentation.

In her official WeChat account, we can read her articles about trends and understand her experienced point of view. For instance, she wrote an article on the best boots in 2019.

Oh, she also wrote an article about her house and every piece of furniture she chose. Passing on the comment below: you can see that her fans really love his style and ask her more questions about her outfits and furniture.

Photo credit: Sunnie Loves fashion official account

*If you wish to translate within WeChat, tap on the three circles on the top of your screen and choose “translate”, all the text will transfer to English. To see her on action you can check this video I made:

YouTube video

Our next KOL is a wonder woman and her blog name describe it well “Becky Li Fantasy world”

Becky Li Fantasy World

Li, whose real name is Fang Yimin is a life style and fashion KOL. She is a top blogger and her followers addicted to her beautiful fantasy world.

She has started working as a journalist in 2002 for a daily newspaper in Guangzhou where she reported local news and entertainment, but resigned in 2015 to become a full-time blogger.

Her blog is so successful so that she sold 100 Mini Cooper cars in less than five minutes only due to a single post on WeChat in 2018.

Since then, Li has worked with luxury labels like Chanel, Burberry, Giorgio Armani and others.

As a blogger, her main platform is the Weibo which considered as a micro-blogging place where she have 7.4 million fans.Weibo account: Miss_shopping_li

What makes her such a great blogger? Well, she's taking a fashion trend and writing about it in a detailed blog and vlog, showing examples of how this trend is being used on celebrities or worldwide. Besides, she has photos of herself trying this trend and great vlog. And finally, you can see the clothes or products from his blog in her online shop.

For example, here she is introducing local 100 Chinese girls’ homes in her vlog. The video is eye catching; we want to explore the house and see how Chinese women decorate her place.

Taken from Becky Li Official WeChat account, Becky is on the right side

The house she chose to reveal belong to fashion designer and is a jaw dropper!

What about her WeChat account? this is the place to get down to details.

WeChat account name: fashion within reach

She can take a global trend and translate it into China.

Here is an article which goes back to the 1990s, showing the trends of the period. She chose three celebrities to make the case. Gwyneth Platro, Caroline Bessert Kennedy and Monica from friends. She's talking about Monica's polo shirt and leather jacket. When im checking her Li online I find similar products.

Let's check out another article about the color symbolizing the fall. How can you wear it so that the skin is not too yellow? She suggests combining accessories like a retro-style brown belt or French-style jackets and says the brown vest is really pop. What about her internet shop?

Becky Internet shop

Becky is mediating between the western fashion and the Chinese costumer. She uses Chinese and western models to examine her branded clothes. You can find here verity of products from shirt to home décor.


visit my video to fully understand her marketing strategy:

YouTube video

And now to Mr. Bags a male fashion KOL who can tell us everything about bags!

Mr. Bags

Credit: Mr. bags website

His real name is Tao Liang, he is located in Beijing and considered as top KOL.

While his parents hoped he would follow their path as a successful finance person he was spending most of his extra time and money on luxury handbags.

At age 17, his family sent him to study in the United States. After graduating business school in 2013, he opened a weibo (China Twitter account) to share his passion and ideas about luxury handbags. his posts went viral and he became a full-time blogger despite his parents thinking

Mr. Bags main social media platform are weibo, wechat and little red book. His sales come mainly from his own e-commerce platform and English web-site.

Weibo activity

Weibo name: Bags 包先生

He uses the Weibo platform as his main social media platform to upload his video. It gives him a chance to talk to the audience as if they were his friends and give us an insight into his real life.

He speaks in his video in a natural way and make us feel comfortable. With more that 6 Million followers he knows what he talks about.

Official WeChat

Wechat id: bagsbaoxiansheng

There are three categories- on the left Mr. Bags, in the middle Mr. Shoes and on the right his online shop.

Don’t be panic when you see only Chinese characters, we can explore it without knowing Chinese using only the WeChat tools.

Press on the three dots above and then translate.

This article is a review of the best handbags selected by his fans for the year 2021

Let's go back to the profile page and try the category in the middle – the second article is a fun article about sport shoes.

He wrote a review of the top five sports shoes for the summer. He gives the example of Jimmy Choo shoes. Writing it is white and shiny, very cool and textured. Some girls are worried the shoes are too heavy due to the great sole actually it’s not heavy at all.

Cooperation with Farfetch

Farfetch is a global luxury fashion e-commerce platform who has a cooperation with Mr Begs. All the items from his blog posts are available for direct purchase due to this cooperation.

 You may choose your categories based on the thumbnail. Add it to your wish list or purchase it from China mainland or Hongkong.

His office WeChat account has a perfect mix of detailed items and a link to an e-commerce platform worldwide. He also has a good web site in English with full details about the latest promotions with local brands. He succeeded in connecting his passion for bags and his economic knowledge to creating a successful career.

When his family saw that celebrities and brands such as Tod’s, Dior, Givenchy and others asked him for cooperation, they realized that this was much more than a hobby and gave him their blessings.

Here is the video I made about Mr. Bags

YouTube video

All of those cool KOL’s understand the world and the local fashion. They can take a global trend and easily translate it for Chinese audience and this is what their fans are after.

While we can watch Mr. bags and learn things about this fashion niche, Becky li is giving us a wide range of options and Sunnie makes us feel young and trendy. Who is your favorite Chinese KOL?

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