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Learn we chat | edit tags and manage your contacts list.
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I want you to be able to find the contact you are seeking right away and not lose important information. Did you ever look for a contact person and it took you some time to remember his name and his WeChat nickname? We are going to do Contact Labeling and Management to improve your contact list now.

Inside the WeChat there are so many profiles and their nick names keep changing all the time with animal photos and cartoons, that makes it harder to understand who is the contact person beyond the profile.

Therefore, while adding new contacts to your lists, you should take some time and edit their contact cards. Change the name, description and even add a photo that will remind you of who the card belongs to. People always change their names and photos (because it's fun, I do it too). And that's why you must add your own information on an important new contact.

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Learn WeChat| TAG and EDIT your WeChat CONTACTS 微信标签

Below is my method to add new contacts based on these steps:

  • Edit contact details card
  • Add stars, tags and put a contact in the home screen of your phone.
  • Manage personal contact privacy settings.
  • Take a look and see the information we can get from the contact cards.
  • Add the person to a few tags and could be helpful to find it easily.

So open WeChat and get started!

Edit a contact card details

Go to Me

Press on Contacts

Select a contact you would like to edit

Go to the Three dots in the upper right side of the screen

Then press on the first option Edit Contact


This is where you need to enter this person's name and nickname. Write Infront's name a proper description. You can start his name with a job title such as Travel agent to pick it quickly


You can add someone to a tag group by selecting a tag or creating a new tag by pressing new.

New Tag- now simply select contacts to add down.

Your next step is to write a new tag category.

 You can tag by a job title - Travel Agent, Hotel Manager, Doctor and so on

None of your contacts will know you tagged 'em.


If you have this person mobile number add it.


It's the best place to add info to make your life easier. In the description, you can write how you encountered that contact and how you can cooperate in the future. Add special notes: This person loves_ ,He specialises in __ and so on.

Click To Add photo

You can add the photo of the person in the square with the title "Click to add a photo".

Go back to the settings menu to find more interesting options.

Share Contact

By tapping Share Contact, you can share that contact profile by sending it directly to other contacts.

Add to home screen

This is a great feature for chats you want to follow up!  You can add a shortcut from this person contact card to your homepage.

Add a star 

Mark your contact with a star and it will be displayed at the top of your contact list, in a list called a star.


When you block that user, you will no longer get messages from them.


You may complain of a WeChat account.

You may point out that this account has harassed, fraudulent or potentially compromised content.

Editing New Contacts

Before we move on and look at the contact profile options, I want you to take note. In China, name cards matter! After the first conversation with another officer, hold a name card in your hand and hand it over to the person beside you with two hands.

Also, when you are receiving a name, card Treat it respectfully keep Holding it Infront during the conversation, if there are many people around, I prefer to write all the details I get on the name card and later add it to the person profile details.

When the conversation ends, don't put it in your purse or pocket. It is Better to have a small name card holder with enough space.

In that case, I'll ask you, can I add you to my WeChat account.  And later add them as a new contact. If it's possible, I'll ask for a picture of him, perhaps even together.

At the end of the day I will edit all the contacts I have collected and probably send a short message with a summery if needed, or even just a smiley face and a sentence “it was nice to meet you today”.

Managing Individual contact privacy settings

It's possible to limit this new contact viewing our moments and chats. Also, you can hide it from your moment’s browser.

Go back to the contact profile (Go to contacts and choose a contact)

Press on the three dots above

Press on Privacy

You can mark this person if you want him to see your chats moments and shared apps or chats only.

You can hide your posts, or hide their posts.

Profile review

It's time to choose a profile and let's take a look Tapping on moment will lead you this person latest posts.

By pressing on More you can see:

If you both got groups in common

What’s Up,  is the information underneath that profile photo by looking at the moments, usually it's a status or a motto of life.

From- this will remind you how did you connected to this person- by adding his contact card, id or mobile

Do not miss my post and video about editing your profile and make it stand out in the crowd. Check it out here:

YouTube video

Tips for you

Finally, I want you to mark: Agents, bloggers, providers, friends, places, everything you can think about.

My best advice is:

Double tag, why tag ones when you can use multiple tagging for the same profile

This way, you could easily manage your contact list!

Managing all your tags from the contact list

From the main WeChat screen.

Go to contacts

Press on Tags  icon

You will view there the list of all your tags (all tags)

Tapping on a tag

You will see all the contacts that are using it

Press the plus sign to add a contact

Press the minus sign to remove contacts from this tag

Press save to save your tag edits

At all tags screen press on new tag

Select a contact (or more)

Press done

Give the new tag a name

And then press save

Now you have created a tag and added several contacts on your contact list!

When you open a person's profile, you will see all the tags under the privacy section.

Start tagging adding a start to an important contact and put them on you phone app screen while working on a project together just remember to edit their card so you will always know who this is.

That way, your contact list will be as clear as it can be. Thank you for watching!

Have a great day and Zai Jian,Neta

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