As of January 2020, the coronavirus spread from China Hubei province to become a pandemic, with thousands of people affected around the world.

 Miss Wu and I have been making conversations on that topic using her past and present experience with the COVID-19 pandemic. I was very curious to hear about the actual situation due to the fact that the first country got infected was China and they have started to gain experience living with the disease.

We would wish to share with you our personal conversations and ideas about this difficult time. We will discuss three main aspects: The first one is about our way of dealing with an unexpectable pandemic. The second aspect is regarding home quarantine and the last aspect is about measurements we take against the pandemic and how about the future.

Day 1 | starting point

Miss Wu

I work at Southwest University in China as a teacher and also as a part-time job making Customize Travel. At the very beginning Universities have been shut down so I had to organize the lectures to my students via the internet. I had very short time to prepare the online class for my pupils.

At the same time, I have started 14 days home quarantine. During that period, I have received logistics help and care for Neighborhood administrator management. For example, they delivered the groceries and shopping directly to my door flat.

My household was permitted to remain with me after bringing a health check which confirmed they are sound.

What about all my friends? We Can leave the house and can meet with friends outside. However, we cannot go to public spaces for social activities. For example, Karaoke bar and dance clubs are shut.

I have a good friend who lives on the floor above, but it’s Better not to enter her apartment we prefer to meet outside in open places. She invites me to her house, but I must refuse for health protection purposes, she has a small child and I cannot take any risk of causing inconvenienced.


We just celebrated the Passover Holiday. Usually the Passover Holiday is like the Easter, a real family gathering event. This time each family kept it home alone.

Nobody was allowed outside unless it was urgent. The furthest one was granted to go was 100 meters from their house. At the moment we are not permitted to play with our allies and even better to keep social distancing from our family members if living in the same house. People who were coming back from abroad had to go into quarantine either at home or to a few hotels that were set up especially for infected people.

When we talked in the beginning of April 2020, I have learned that China is starting to decompress the self-quarantine regulations and people are slow becoming out of quarantine and back to form. During this time We, in contrast, just stepped into quarantine and stayed at home until a fresh update.

Miss Wu

The virus outbreak was unexpected and happened during our special time of the year “The Chinese New Year”.

The timing was not so good. On one hand, many had a chance to see their families when it’s happening, but on the other hand it made the holiday period to be stressful and unpleasant.


I learned around the virus just when it happened as my tourists’ groups got canceled. No one in the tourism field thought it would be that serious. From the time that we realized the virus has arrived, the government-imposed instructions for everyone. This includes closing all educational facilities, public websites, shopping malls, eating places and stores except of course for pharmacies and grocers. As well as self-quarantine, social distancing, and putting masks became mandatory.

People who are going to work, need to wear masks and keep social distancing. Inside public transportation there is a limit of 10 people allowed on a coach.

China and Israel | Summary of home QUARANTINE

Every country has taken in different approaches

In Israel, we are still being cautious and self-quarantine is still in power.

China is an example of a nation that took quick steps against the virus at once: putting masks, checking individual health, quarantine and home isolation, while other countries like Israel are studying the disease and getting these steps gradually.

As we persist in our conversations, we will talk about going into full quarantine and adjusting to stay at home.

Main effects:

International flights were canceled.

People who came back from abroad had to go into quarantine either at home or to hotels that has been transformed to “Corona-Hotels”, a safe place to follow the infected people.

Only vital workers came to their workplace and the rest stayed to work from home or did not work.

When going to work, people keep wearing masks and keep social distancing.

Can not visit your doctor in person unless it's urgent. The meeting first will be online.

Public Transportation – maximum 10 people on a bus

We both had holidays and celebrated in an unpredictable way.

Final words

Chinese used to take a long vacation once a year during the Chinese New Year celebration. This might be their only yearly opportunity to see their families who might be living few hours or days apart. Some people changed their plans and stayed home or were hurrying to come back home without staying with their family as planned. After the holiday finished, most everyone stayed at home and waited for instruction. Many people missed their job for good. Still, after almost three months of quarantine the Chinese brought the diseases under control due to the fact that everyone practiced what they should: citizen wore masks and hospitals functioned efficiently around the clock.

also cheak our video in the topic

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In Israel, there was a gradual process, foremost of all cancellations of flights, then quarantine at home and only finally a focus on masks and social distancing. Like in China, during the outbreak some people lost their jobs which based on tourism, culinary field and so along. If we will follow instructions and will take security cautions, we wish to be back to our new normal life quickly like in China. 

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