Everything you need to know about the Dead Sea beaches:

Dead Sea is the lowest lake on earth and a life time experience due to the fact that you can float without trying and enjoy the rich mineral water. As there are many beaches on the Dead Sea and each has its unique feature, you should plan the visit ahead. Don’t worry, you are in […]

Dead Sea is the lowest lake on earth and a life time experience due to the fact that you can float without trying and enjoy the rich mineral water. As there are many beaches on the Dead Sea and each has its unique feature, you should plan the visit ahead. Don’t worry, you are in the lowest place on earth from here there is only going up.I would like to assist you to select the perfect Dead Sea beach & find some salty mud. Where can you see unique salt pillars and stand on it? Which beach is free of charge, and where can you take a massage? I did a deep research to save your time.

Keep calm and paddle on!

Dead Sea is divided into two parts: Northern and Southern bay.

The Northen Bay is the place for adventures and has more capacity of water due to his location in the north, where the Jordan river meet with Dead Sea lake. Therefore, only in the north part you can take a special boat or kayaks and visit places that merely few people know about. This is your chance to find a salt pillar and stand on it, grab from the bottom of the water transparent salt crystal and to swim inside a sinkhole!   (For full review read our post about Kayaks) This is also the place to get the best mud to apply on the body. You can well merge it with overnight camping or guest houses due to the many options available there. Nevertheless, all the beaches in the north include entrance fees.

If you have limited time for your visit, we recommend to combine a visit  in Qumran National Park and one of the northern bay beaches.

The southern bay is the best place to relax in. It includes many hotels, beaches and turquoise colored water. It’s has a very new 4 km promenade with running tracks, fitness facilities, benches, showers and shading facilities. The most appreciated step they had taken here is making the beaches accessible to disabled to reach the waterfront. You can book an overnight in one of the southern basin hotels and enjoy the clean beaches.

A new attraction worth to mention is the new designed shopping mall, where you can discover many shops and eateries.

The entrance to those beaches are free of charge, but there are parking fees (which at the moment are also free of charge as a promotion for the COVID-19 period!)

We made a list with details about each beach, just choose one and come for a visit.

Main travel information

Location area

All the beaches named in this post located near to road No.90 which cross all Israel from the north to the southward.


Northern beaches located at Mitzpe Shalem, Southern beaches located at Ein-Bokek.


How to get to Dead Sea Beaches?

Northern Beaches

Bus lines444,486,487 from Jerusalem to Mitzhpe Shalem. The bus stop station is next to the northern beaches, ask the driver to tell you when to drop off.
CarDriving from Jerusalem, drive on highway No.1 to the east until reaching to Lido Junction. Then turn right and drive approximately five minutes on Road No.90 until you consider the big sign to turn left for the three northern beaches: Kalia, Biankini and Neve Midbar  

Southern Beaches

Bus lines444.486 to Ein-Bokek. Tell the driver the specific name of the hotel if you have booked rooms.
CarDriving from Jerusalem, drive on highway No.1 to the east until Lido Junction. Then turn right and drive on Road No.90 until you see the Dead Sea Hotels. If coming from west, Arad area: Drive on route No.31 southern to Zohar Junction. Then turn left and drive norther until you see the Dead Sea Hotels.


If going to the norther beaches, Kalia is more accessible for disabled.

If moving to the southern beaches, they are just reconverted and easily approachable.


Bring on the sun cream! Bring a big hat and airy clothes that can protect you from the scorching sunlight.

Carry with you at list 1.5 litter of water bottle, in Dead Sea the level of evaporation is so high that you can easily dehydrate.

Insider tip: about flip-flop sandals, if possible, bring with you comfortable sandals suitable for water, which “sit well” on the foot (otherwise the Dead Sea gravity will find a path to get the sandals off your foot!).

Apply the sun cream on your skin and here is all the information you need to know about the Dead Sea from the northern beaches to the southern beaches:

Northern Beaches

Northern beaches include four beaches with a beautiful view to Jordan mountain and big quantity of mud. This is the place to set out some minerals into your skin. Although the landscape is quite similar, the facilities and services are different in each beach:

Kayla Beach&nsp; (Cheers!)<

Kayla in Hebrew is a shortcut for: Dead Sea Came back to life. You will find this beach in the northern part of the dead sea.

This beach is very convenient as it has main facilities: Showers, toilet, barbeque area, camping area, shops, restaurant, vibey juice bar and the highlight of the place is The Lowest Bar on Earth!

A short walk will bring you to the water line which is shallow. If for whatever reason the salty water penetrated your eyes (its burning like hell!) Quickly go and rinse it in the open air showers.

If you desire to enter without paying any entrance fees, our tips: eat lunch in the 10 minutes driving distance restaurants Qumran for approx 60 Nis and you will find a complimentary entry ticket to this beach! (You are welcome)

Opening time: Winter 8:00 am – 17:00 pm

                           Summer 08:00 am – 18:00 pm

The feedback about this beach is super good, they keep it clean and you have so many options, we highly recommend this option!

Biankini Beach (Kids Heaven)

Good option for few hours with kids or for cheap overnight:

This beach is very unique due to its structures design. At the entrance you will notice sculptures of famous figures like Elvis Presley, Madonna and variety of animal sculptures.

It has many facilities: Semi-Olympic fresh water pool, toddler pool, rescue services, showers and beach services such as grills, tanning beds and much more.

The highlight of this place is gorgeous Moroccan Style Restaurant and a games room for children’s includes ping Pong tables.

It also has body treatment, synagogue and gym.

You can be here all day long! , that’s why they also built here few types of accommodation, you can take the cheap camping area, big tent (Han), Zimmer, desert igloo or Moroccan style suite, all options is available here. Contact us for special rate.

Opening time: Winter 8:00 am – 17:00 pm

                           Summer 08:00 am – 18:00 pm

Neve Midbar Beach (Let's Party)

You can arrange private events, weddings or just beach parties.

Along the beach you will find a swimming pool for adults and during the summer there is a pool for kids as well.

In addition, a kosher Arabian style restaurant, shaded area, and green grass area. One of its highlight a long barbeque area Infront of Dead Sea view (so cool!).

There is also accommodation including Bedouin tent, Sinai style hut and camping area.

Off course there is dead sea cosmetic shop and as a treat there is a Reiki treatment.

Opening time : Winter 9:00 am – 16:30 pm

Rate: adult : 85 nis, Children 40 nis

Ein Gedi Public Beach (Great Mud)

 Unfraternally this beach is closed at the moment due to sinkholes.

It’s have all the basic amenities: toilet, showers ,picnic and camping area.

-If you wish to have spa treatment in the Ein Gedi area, check out “Sea Of Spa” which is a resort with natural mud area, six sulfur pools, spa and beauty treatment, shop and a restaurant.

Southern Basin Beaches/ Ein Bokek beaches:

Reminder: This is the best beaches that appropriated for wheelchairs. It was just renovated in order to make sure that disable people could enjoy this wonderful dead sea experience as well.

This area is designed for tourists and locals who wished to stay in a continent hotel and enjoy the benefits of the Dead Sea.Therfore those beaches are all inside Ein Bokek strip and have the same facilities in additional to each hotel services. For example you can get a towel and to buy Dead Sea mud from a local hotel. Make sure you compare the rates for the mud as some places are cheaper than others.

We can split the Dead Sea South beaches into two: Ein Bokek hotels beaches and the Ortodox Seprated beach.

Ein Bokek beaches (Luxury Mode-On)

What will you find on Ein Bokek beaches?

The entrance is free of charge, you only pay for your parking. If you are staying in one of the hotels there you could get a free parking place in your hotel.

This part have all the basic amenities:  Toilet, showers, Fresh free water machines, beach chairs and sunshades. Most important part is that it has lifeguard services.

There is a special small area to do barbecue grills and it’s not allowed to do camping on the beaches.

The big advantage is verity of shopping malls :Ein Bokek Mall and The new Tchelet Mall.

For those who wish to enjoy the local skin treatment facilities which are world’s most famous for its benefits, we recommend to visit the local Ein-Gedi Solarium which offer skin clinics, climatic skin therapy on its roof and a beach next to it.

There are also restaurants inside the hotels.

-Our Recommendation:

1] For Bedouin style lunch go to Taj Mahal Restaurant beyond Leonardo Club hotel.

If you are lucky you might enjoy a belly dancer show or to book it ahead. Phone number: 050-999-0929.

2] For fancy restaurant, you should try the Herods restaurant, which offer by far the best meal.

Phone number : 08-659-1591

Bear in mind that Ein Bokek beaches are just finished being renovated so you could also find verity of restaurant right on the beaches.

*Contact us for any recommendation or question popping up we would love to help!

The last beach is:

The Orthodox Gender- Segregated Beach

To the north of Herods hotel you will find the segregated beach.

This beach is basically for women and men who want to have their privacy.

There is a separate beach for men and another one for women        

As this is specially for orthodox Jews, this beach is closed on Saturday’s. This is a good option for Women/ Men do not want to mix with the others.

Our tips:

1]If the Dead Sea is in your bucket list, do yourself a big favor and make sure you have enough free time to explore it on own, without being in rush.

2] This is NOT the place to take a selfie from the Dead Sea Water, please find someone to help you out from the shore or arrange waterproof cover and long selfie sticker.

2] If you have a full day, you can both explore in the morning the north beaches facilities and include local activity such as Kayas or visiting Qumran or Ein Gedi National park then go to overnight in local hotel and enjoy the Southern beach.

3] Do Not shave 24 hours before entering the Dead Sea, if you have any skin cut be aware it will be burning as hell. If you have any wound, make sure its well bandaged.

3] There are special deals for Lunch and Spa in Dead Sea, meaning you can both enjoy hotel’s facilities and a good meal. Contact us for a  package deal recommendation and rate.

4] The Dead Sea looks very calm and peaceful however when swallowing the water, you can easily get salt poisons or sink, please take a caution and enter only where you see a lifeguard.

5] Bring with you shower towels, sandals for the sea  for the rocky sand (not flip flop), sun cream, wide hat and prepper a prop of newspaper or book for the floating picture. Get ready to take million of photos and send us some to publish in our website 😊

Dead Sea News: There is a new “Dead Sea Friend Club” in super cheap rate and many discount. The person who responsible for this project is a local tour guide and a good friend who wishes that people will discover the secrets of the Dead Sea. Just enter the below link and see how special is the Dead Sea. For our readers there is a special discount of 7%! So don’t forget to use the link “netax” when registering.

Final word: To be High in the Lowest Place on Earth

Dead Sea have verity of great beaches with great vibes. It is Israel, everything is quite closed.

 Our suggestion is to think about the experience you wish to get and then choose the right beach for you. We are here for any advise needed, just float !

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