Tel Aviv | Dizengoff Square

Explore Tel Aviv | Dizengoff Square Israel’s most illustrious and iconic circus in the heart of Tel Aviv City is actually named after a woman. In the center of Tel Aviv at Dizengoff street, lays this unique city square. Dizengoff square is in a classic circle shape square and named after Zina Dizengoff who was the […]
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Explore Tel Aviv | Dizengoff Square

Israel’s most illustrious and iconic circus in the heart of Tel Aviv City is actually named after a woman.

In the center of Tel Aviv at Dizengoff street, lays this unique city square. Dizengoff square is in a classic circle shape square and named after Zina Dizengoff who was the wife of Meir Dizengoff, Tel-Aviv’s first mayor. Although the square went through many changes and renovations during the history, it has never stopped being one of the city main landmarks.

Travel information


The square is located between a local shopping mall called Dizengoff Center and Ben Gurion Blvd at 87 -92 Dizengoff street.  This square is connected to four smaller streets: Reines St., Zamenhof St., Ben Ami St. and Pinsker St. . The Main sites next to it are Dizengoff center, shopping mall, Ben Gurion Blvd and Frishman Beach. This position is perfect for combing shopping in the mall or inside the street shops, eating something in the nearby restaurants and finally slowing down at the beach.

Today, after the final restoration has finished Dizengoff square is fully accessible.


It doesn’t provide a great deal of shade or rain shelter, but its unique colorful fountain and good vibes just worth a visit.


Electronic Bike As we are in the city center there are many electronically bikes options in the region. Select one of these choices and download their app: Bird / Lime / Wind  
Bus Lines The most frequent is lines 5 and 4. It will take you from north to south, and back. Really easy to wait for a passenger vehicle or “Monit Sherut” which is a shared minibus taxi that carries the same path as the bus but cheaper.
Car It is easy to get there by car, but it’s hard and expensive to find a place to park in.The best option is Dizengoff center parking garage complex.
Insider tips: the upper parking lot is somehow the most inexpensive and the entrance to it is from Bugrasov street. Please note that if you park from 6 pm and so on, you will get a cheaper rate. Parking management phone: 03-5281537
Taxi Use a cab. Local’s tip: use “Gett Taxi” app. If you see an empty taxi it might not stop for you as it has been booked ahead.
Walking As always, if the atmospheric condition allows, that is the best option to explore the urban center.
Tel Aviv explore - main arrival and transportation options

Important History

The square was built in 1934 as part of Sir Patrick Geddes original plan and was planned by architect Genia Averbuch. It held three main renovations, which changed It completely.

First stage Up until 1978. It was established as an open circular plaza and was soon to become a primary landmark in Tel Aviv. In the center of the square there was a natural spring with a glass statue inside it made by the artist Allen David.

Second stage Due to the increase in traffic both by the public and by private vehicle it was decided to split up the pedestrian from the transportation road by making a platform for pedestrian to walk above the traffic. In 1986, the fountain was redesigned and replaced by a Kinetic Sculpture Fountain and named “The Fire and Water Fountain” made by artist Yaacov Agam.  The fount was built up of an illusory dimension, as considerably as a moving dimension, and is constructed with several large saw-like wheels and colorful geometric forms that could be seen as different icons from each angle of the jet. The mechanics of the fountain allow its various parts, including turning its wheels, spraying water,creating fire and playing music.

Recent stage It was long planned to convert the solid structure to correspond with the pedestrian level in order to cross the streets from the six different roads surrounding it without rising up and going down by infantry. After a long argument, an implementation of a new plaza sets finally off on 2016. The landscape architect firm “Moria Sekely” has started to change the structure and now it’s more “down to earth” and it's much simpler to take the walk only on the ground level. That means, there are no cars driving beneath and the experience of seeing this square is same as walking in any other classic square when all the transportation is driving round it.

Important dates are listed below:

1934 Constructed as part of the original urban plan
1978 Projected as a separate pedestrian crossing above Dizengoff street
2018 Finished renovation back to street level regular city tour
Tel Aviv Dizingoff Square important historical dates 

The Square Experience

One of my experiences as a teenager was walking to Dizengoff center and imagining I will buy whatever I desire. After the dream was over, My friends and I walked to Dizengoff square and place along the bench Infront of the colorful fountain. We had a usual bench, which we sat on and looked around at the interesting stylist people walking nearby. Some people played their music, some took their dogs for a walk, but we merely looked around and our eyes met anthropological experience which could have been discovered only in the “Big City”. Twice a week there was likewise a second hand market, we always bought there cool clothes at a reasonable rate, keychains and things that could only be found in that location.

exploring the area

Walking around, you could easily observe the outstanding examples of the White City Of Tel Aviv Structures.  Many of the surrounding buildings show the characteristics of the Bauhaus architecture which are long horizontal lines emphasized by reinforced concrete and porches that used to serve as climate control for the halls inside. You can notice that even though the building services in different purpose, such as residence hotel and a cinematic construction, the architecture stays the same. Those buildings were originally made as four levels high following the original urban plan. This is the "secret" method to determine if a Bauhaus style building is authentic or has a supplement of new renovation added.

Dizengoff street

Is one of Tel Aviv shopping streets with many clothing and shoe shops and considered as a must visit for every bride to be, since Israel main bridle salon’s are located on it or has a shop in this street. When walking at night all the pubs are open up until the latest costumer. The part between Nordeo Blvd. and Arlozorv street is a bit less active, but the remainder of the street is open 24 hours a daylight.

Going south on Dizengoff street for 300 meters and you will reach Dizengoff center shopping mall. There are many jokes about getting lost easily in this mall so be prepared to check directions with the people you meet. It was constructed along the main junction of Dizengoff street and King George street. This mall is consisting of two primary buildings along each side of Dizengoff street. It was ramped up in unique passage structure and you can simply climb around on a ramp from street level to the top floor and pass over to the other building. In both buildings all the stores are located around the ramps.

Dizengoff center

 Check Dizengoff center web site to get the shops and activity updates https://www.dizengof-center.co.il/en/

Frishman beach

The closest beach option for Dizengoff square.  Go straight on Dizengoff street a one block distance and you will arrive Frishman street. Turn East and go straight until you will eventually see the turquoise color’s Mediterranean Sea.

Rav Hen cinema /Lev Cinema

Those two are best cinema options in Tel Aviv center. Rav Hen is located in Dizengoff square Inside a beautiful four floors Bauhaus building and Lev Cinema is inside Dizengoff center shopping mall. Better to check movie schedules ahead since they hold quite different films playing at the same time.

Longer explore:

Walking North on Dizengoff street which goes from south to north, We recommend walking to the north and explore the local boutique shops and food selections. The Tel-Aviv Harbor is connected by a junction with Dizengoff and Yirmiyahu street. This joint is very popular and has serious connections to Park HaYarkon and the Tel-Aviv Harbor, which both are the perfect escape from the city noise.

Ben Gurion Blvd.

Ben Gurion Blvd. is crossing Dizengoff street a couple of stoppages to the north of Dizengoff center .If you walk on it to the east you will reach the sea and its beautiful beaches, walking to the west will get you to Rabin Square. It has decent coffee shops on it and a good cycle lane. It's certainly worth a go. Check out the local juice shop “Tamara”, it's hard to miss their colorful fruit stand. Our favorite fruit-shake is Banana & Dates on milk basic.

Rothschild Blvd

Walking South from Dizingoff Center will take you to the beginning of Rothschild Blvd. And to Habima square where both The Israel National Theater and Tel-Aviv Culture Centre are located, if you wish to pick up local concert check out this website: https://www.eventim.co.il/tickets.html?language=en.

What To Eat

There are several eating places around the square and you can proceed north along with Dizengoff street for pubs, restaurants and coffee shops. The best choice is to seize a “Take Away” food and sit in the square itself. This entire region of center Tel Aviv is filled with food choices. Simply walk around and see something that you like.  Local meals are “Shawarma”, “Falafel”, “Sabich” and “Hummus” check out our artice about local food. On Fridays there is a food market inside Dizengoff center with local tastes, it’s a great culinary experience.

Our suggestions are: Frishman Sabich just on the left turn from Dizengoff street, Rutina coffee shop on Frishman ST. 41 and La Shuk restaurant at Dizengoff 92 (square south side, nearby Dizengoff square)

Final words

I hope you agree that Dizengoff square sounds like a must experience in Tel Aviv. The best time to put into your schedule is as a part of noon/lunch time or evening before travelling in the city and checking local pubs, the beach or just sitting down on a grass in the square with a glass of

wine and making a picnic.

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