Visit the Jaffa Clock Tower explore and find out when it was built and why?

during the 19th century, The second Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid asked to build clock towers around the empire. Why did the sultan ask to build towers around the world? Clock tower represented the future. Therefore, the sultan wanted to show the world that his regime is innovative, developed, and most up to date.In our opinion, […]
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during the 19th century, The second Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid asked to build clock towers around the empire. Why did the sultan ask to build towers around the world? Clock tower represented the future. Therefore, the sultan wanted to show the world that his regime is innovative, developed, and most up to date.
In our opinion, another reason for putting so many clock towers is that you should never be late to a meeting with the sultan, do you agree? 😊

Travel information

This clock tower is standing in st. Yeffet 14 Jaffa in an elongated plaza that was built just outside the walls of Old Jaffa. Jaffa clock square served as an important government center in the city during the 19th century. Therefore, the plaza border Jaffa major mosque “Al-Mahmudiyya”, the government palace “Saray” and the local prison “Kishle” (now Setai hotel).

Fees: free of charge this is an open area in the middle of the street.

Accessibility:  accessible. There is a ramp Infront of the clock for wheelchair. However, some of the sidewalks nearby might be narrower.

Check below for arrival options:

Bird ScotterAs in city center many electronic scooters are in the area just us the app.
Bus LinesThe most frequent is lines are 10, 18, 40, 54. Will take you from north to south easily in Tel Aviv cheek https://moovitapp.com/
CarIt is easy to get there by car, but it’s hard and expensive to find a place to park .Therefore, the best option is Dizengoff center underground parking lot.
TaxiUse a cab. Local’s tip: use an app, even if you see an empty taxi it might not stop for you as it has been booked ahead.
WalkingAs always, if the weather allows, that is the best option in Tel Aviv
Arrival options Jaffa North Area

Jaffa located on the “Via Maris” ancient trade route, a perfect location between two empires: if you concurred with Jaffa, you can easily prepare to conquer Damascus in the North or Egypt in the south. That is why, so many tried to occupy it: Egyptian, Mamluk, Ottoman, and even Napoleon!

Good to know the history

It was built in Jaffa in 1901 by the Ottoman empire to mention the 25th anniversary of the regime of The Turkish Sultan Abdul Hamid the second. There are six other clock towers in Israel, constructed during this period of the Ottoman Empire: in Safed, Nablus, Jerusalem. (not exist anymore), Haifa, Akko and Nazareth. It’s also a part of a global project with more than 100 structures like that built by the ottoman empire.

This beautiful structure is located in Jaffa main square and made of local eolianite stones and includes three floors. The tower originally had four clocks on it, which showed both Europe and Israel time. The construction of the clock tower was implemented through Jewish-Arab cooperation and was initiated by Moritz Schoenberg, a Jewish businessman, and clockmaker who was also a part of the masonic order.

Jaffa is one of the most ancient ports of the world, no wonder there are, so are many stories including Jaffa’s port. Noah built his ark in Jaffa, It was from Jaffa that Jonah sailed when he was told to go and prophesy against Nineveh and got swallowed by a whale. We can read in the bible that king Solomon asked to bring him cedar trees from Lebanon mountain in order to build the Jewish temple.

Traveling Options

When entering Jaffa from Tel-Aviv, you could not miss the clock tower at the entrance of Jaffa. The clock will represent your start and finish point.
If you have only 1-2 hours, we have two suggestions:
1] Flea Market tour - If you wish to have a glimpse of the cool flea market, buy some antiques or souvenirs and have something to eat this is your tour. From the clock tower go straight to the south until you see “Olei Zion Street “ street. Turn left and go straight until you will see many antiques sellers in the open air.
The Jaffa Flea Market has so many gems: antiques, clothes, old books, jewelry and much more. Don’t be shy, this is the place to bargain with the sellers. Why is it called “Flea Market” ? This is symbolized old clothes with flea, as this place sells many second hand clothes and products (we know that just made you itch! But don’t worry usually its without fleas).
Stroll down and enjoy the young atmosphere. There are many good restaurants, pub’s, coffee shops in this area, please see our recommendations. However, any restaurant you choose should be fine.
Opening hours: On Sunday – Thursday, 9 am – 5 pm. On Friday 9 am – 2 pm. . This place is closed on Saturday’s.

Check out our detailed post about Flea market and its restaurants and shops

A glimpse of the Sea and Jaffa lanes. When you see the clock tower in front of you, go straight and turn right in the traffic lights. Then continue to walk and within 1 minute you will notice the beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea with Tel-Aviv shore. Take many pictures and don’t miss Napoleon cannon (it's not really was his, only from the same period when he was trying to conquer Jaffa).

toilets location

continue to walk up, you will see the beautiful Saint Peter Church, it worth a visit. In front of the church, there is a free public toilet. Continue to walk to the south and you will see the main plaza with restaurants and shops surrounding it. If its hottest day, treat yourself with the ice cream there. You will notice the beautiful zodiac fountain and a small path of stairs, this is your direction, go down in the stairs and turn left.

explore and enjoy the local beautiful galleries. Don’t miss “ The Adina Plastelina” gallery, a high-quality jewelry brand. You will see it if going in this direction (23 Native Hamazalot st. Old Jaffa). If you wish to have a unique souvenir, ask them about their “Hamsha” collection.


After going down you will see the breathtaking view of Jaffa port. You can stroll to the left, watch the yachts in the Marin or choose a restaurant to sit at. You can turn to the right and go straight, there is a good coffee shop with a view next to the sea you will not miss it. Now if you continue to walk you will arrive at our starting point, “Jaffa Tower Clock”, hope you enjoyed this short tour!
Hungry for lunch? There are so many restaurants nearby. If you are looking for a young, vibrant environment, just walk near the flea market and choose a place, you will probably be satisfied.

Specific recommendation? Near the flea market you will find Cafe Puaa. In Puaa you can buy the kitchenware you are eating with! This is such a special souvenir.
Address: 8 Rabbi Yokhanan. Opening hours: Sun-Wed 9:00-00:30, Thu-Fri 09:00-01:00. Sat 10:00-00:30. Phone: 03-682-3821

  • For Hummus lovers, the options are unlimited! You Can check out the most famous Abu Hasan Humus at Shivtey Israel 14 st. (Closed on Saturdays). Phone 03-682-0387
  • For local meditation/Arab cheap and good vibes place, check out the “Old men and the sea” restaurant. They have two branches in Jaffa, our favorite is in the port: Hangar 1 street. Opening hours: Sun-Sat 11:00-24:00.Phone 053-8094346.

Website: http://hazaken-vehayam-namal-dev.wp.2eat.co.il/

  • Local seafood and tasty meditation food last recommendation. Abarage. Located at the foot of St. Peters Church on Kedumim Square in Old Jaffa., So many options in the menu end also and have gluten-free suggestions. Address: Kedumim 6 street. 03-5244445 look for a camel outside and you are in the right place.
  • Website : http://abrage.co.il/en/
  • Ice cream dessert? Go to Golda ice-cream shop.
  • Address: 9 Oley Zion. Phone: 03-6036275, 03-524444503-5244445
  • https://www.goldaglida.co.il/
  • Fancy clothes?
  • Maskit is the store for you.
  • Conceived in 1954 by Ruth Dayan, Maskit made contemporary. Luxury clothing utilizing traditional embroidery techniques from Hungarian, Yemenite, Bulgarian, Bedouin, Palestinian, Druze, Lebanese and Jewish artisans.
  • SUNDAY - THURSDAY: 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
  • FRIDAY: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PMTEL. +972-3-6884004
  • https://maskit.com/
  • Want to feel the local atmosphere and hear memorable stories? Anton Coffee with Charismatic Doris is offering a lovely experience, including coffee and sweets or a good meal. However, you should book it a head (ask Sarah Jessica Parker who visited her).
  • http://www.antoncoffee.com/

If you only came from the clock and don’t have much time you can grab a something to eat On the same street of the clock (Yeffet) you could find Abulafia bakery. You can ask them for our favorite dish “Sambusak” a delicious pastry with cheese and you will probably thank us later.

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