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This is the spot that the everyone meet up for local events, sports event, fairs, festivals, protests and for official ceremonies. Rabin square was once recognized by the name “Kings of Israel Square”. The name changed to “Rabin Square” as a memorial attribute to prime minister Itzhak Rabin, who was murdered there on November 04, […]
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This is the spot that the everyone meet up for local events, sports event, fairs, festivals, protests and for official ceremonies.

Rabin square was once recognized by the name “Kings of Israel Square”. The name changed to “Rabin Square” as a memorial attribute to prime minister Itzhak Rabin, who was murdered there on November 04, 1995. The square and Tel Aviv city hall were created in 1964. This is the largest open area in the city center and therefore hosts a lot of large-scale events and political demonstrations.

Main Travel, Information

The square located next to Ibn Gvirul street that cross Tel-Aviv from south to north. Along the east side of the city hall starts Ben Gurion Blvd and leads all the way to the sea. On the south side there is a connection to Fishman street and Masrik square which are five minute walk away uphill to Habima Square and Cultural Center Hall (Heichal Hatarbut).

The square is an open arena with few areas of shade, If you are coming on hot day take a hat and sun-glass with you and you can find a shade shelter in one of the streets surrounding it. Avoid coming during rainy days, if you must, then you can get an umbrella and afterward find a treat in the nextby restaurants.

Insider tips: Free toilet is within 1-minute walk in the next “City Garden” mall.

It’s easy to get there by all types of transit:

BicycleCan rent a bicycle by Tel-O-Fun. This company offers 2000 bikes which are spread around Tel-Aviv. There is a pick up station in Rabin Square. For more details, check out the link : www.tel-o-fun.co.il
Bird Scooter
You can find verity of electronic scooters, can use “Bird” app.
Bus lines close byThe most frequent are lines 189/289 and 24,25. It will take you from north to south easily in Tel Aviv
CarIt is easy to get there by car, but it’s hard and expensive to find a place to park. Consequently, most cheap, but within bus ride is Dizengoff center underground parking lot (19 Nis for the first hour, second hour is free and afterwards 12 Nis per hour or 70 Nis for 12 hours). Otherwise, park in “City Garden” parking lot (20 Nis per hour or 90 Nis for 12 hours)
TaxiUse a cab. Local’s tip: use “Get Taxi” app, yet if you pick up an empty taxi it might not stop for you as it has been booked in advance.
WalkingIf the weather allows that is by far the best choice to explore Tel Aviv and Jaffa.  
Tel Aviv Rabin Square arrival options

What Will You See In The Square?

The main exhibitions which you will see at the arena in the square are two ancient olive trees, ecological pond, a fountain pool and a monument of remembrance for to the Jewish holocaust during The Second World War. The construction on the square is Tel Aviv city hall. Walk to the north next to Ibn Gabirol street and you will see the monument for past prime minister Mr. Itzhak Rabin.

The Ecological Water Pool

The ecological water pool is the perfect place to sit down. Just take a look on the colorful fish swimming inside and feel the relaxation. It was refurbished in 2010 and became a nature spot in the middle of the busy city.

The City Hall

Built in the Brutalism modern style and projected by architect Menhem Kohen, the building height is approximately 60 Meters. The main entrance is from the Ibn Gabirol street and from there you go up by escalators to the main floor. In 1966 Tel Aviv city offices shifted here from the original location in Habima Square. 

The Holocaust Monument of Remembrance

At the southern side you could visualize a large up side down pyramid monument called “Holocaust and Revival” made by the artist Igael Tumarkin. If looking from above, it would seem like a Magen David (a Jewish symbol) but from the local street view it seems like a prison bar to emphasize that Jews were like a captive during the World War 2 and had nowhere to run to. The memorial was constructed adjacent to the two olive trees which symbolized the Jewish deep root in this land and connection to this country. Thus, the monument situated next to the olive tree not by a chance, It represents the Jewish looking outside from their prison bar and witness a vision and hope to get out to their old origin land Israel.

History | Did You Know That There Was A Zoo In Here?

Four elephants, flamingos, Lions and other animals were living in the old zoo, which operated between 1938 to 1981. The zoo located in where todays lays Gan Hayir (city garden) Mall. After closing it most of the animals were moved to the Ramat Gan National Zoo.

Nowadays, The shopping promenade is a great choice for a visit if the weather is not right. It likewise holds an upper hidden garden and local coffee shop.

Insider tips: check out the municipality website, sometimes there are free Yoga classes or other activities on the Gan Hayir Mall rooftop.  www.tel-aviv.gov.il

Itzhak Rabin Memorial

In the past, the square used to host main demonstrations and public events. Itzhak Rabin was assassinated in this square after giving a lecture during a local demonstration for public security. “Goodbye friend” in Hebrew (Shalom Chaver) is written on the wall, Those words read by Bill Clinton memorial during Itzhak Rabin funeral echo from the stickers on the wall into the square as a reminder of a time when peace seems both closer and farther than ever.

The memorial Include three exhibitions: The first one includes Yitzchak Rabin metal face sculpture, The second one include black stones monument and the third section includes a wall with old ads with photos from the peace agreement signed by Rabin and a graffiti drawing in front of the stairs leading to the city hall balcony.

The Memorial Monument

The memorial was made by Yitzchak Rabin’s granddaughter the artist Yael Arzi and represents a notion of an earthquake with 16 blocks of basalt stones from Golan Heights. Israeli society has moved through a shaking process. It was the first time that a prime minister was assassinated in Israel and by an Israeli citizen. This event raised up the struggle in Israel society and also interrogated the relationship between the Jewish and the other minorities living here.

Along the level beyond the monument you will notice on the floor of signs with circles and arrows. These signs show us where Rabin stood when he was murdered and also the placement point of his security guards and murderer comparable to him. You might be surprised how closed to Itzhak Rabin the murderer was standing. Later on, the murder shoot Rabin,and his driver took him to the nearby Ichilov Hospital, where his dead was announced. 

1964The square was made as part of the original urban plan
1981Shutting down the nearby old city zoo  
1994The square name has altered in a memory of Yitzhak Rabin.
2010The ecological water pool was refurbished
Important Dates


If any group of people wish to demonstrate and show their opinion, this is the place for it.

As this is a central location, you might yet receive a media coverage for your activities.

In 2010 there were major acts of public demonstration about Israel high costs of living that took place all around Tel Aviv because the main square was at renovations. These activities started on Rothschild Blvd and moved to different positions in the metropolis.

Day of Independents Celebrations

If you are in Tel Aviv at the Independence day (on May)  this is the place to visit! The events usually start at 20:00 and last till late hours. It’s a good place to begin your evening, to meet your friend and enjoy the spectacular performance of the fireworks (a bit crowded trough). Cultural Spoiler: be aware of children walking around with foam spray and hitting people with hammer-shaped balloons...

National Book Fair

In Israel, during June there is an annual National Book Fair in Tel-Aviv for Celebrating “Matan Torah” which mentioned the receiving of the Jewish Torah on Sinai Mountain day. The primary event is celebrated in Rabin’s square and you can get through the full week and purchase books in inexpensive cost. This long tradition began back in 1925 and developed in the next years and hosts many Israeli book publishers. If you are in Israel during June, check out the exact date of this issue.

Throughout the year there are many public events arranged by the municipality or by private societies in this square.

What To Eat

There are many types of coffee shops, restaurants and wine bars around the main square. You can walk forward on Frishman street and find many eating & drinking spots. Walking down Ibn Gabirol will present a set of eating choices from all varieties. As for sitting in a restaurant, we recomand  on “Brasserie”, which is really popular with local residents and coffee “Hanoi” a Vietnamese oriented food (whom is a kosher restaurant). Another "light" option is to walk to “Bakery” or "Abulafiya" bakeries for some fresh French pastries.

Long Exploring

“Rothschild Blvd”  is a Bauhaus architecture heaven, you can get down there and travel  straight to see “Habima square” which is Israel cultural center. If proceeding to go straight you will arrive The “Hen Blvd” which is on the direct way to Rabin square.

Hayarkon Park – You can reach a gorgeous pastoral park with a river leading to the sea within a ten-minute walk from the Busy Tel-Aviv center!

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