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Making Soap with Sharona

Natural ingredients are good for us, as we all know they are suitable for our food and diet. It is essential to understand the same rules and ideas are applied to the substances we use on our skin. Our skin is the largest organ in our body. Almost everything you apply to your skin can penetrate directly into the bloodstream and disrupt your health balance.

The most important thing to understand is that there are alternatives.

You can use natural products. Those products, are typically made from only a few and good ingredients. You can buy those ingridients and even create healthy products easily by yourself!

A natural soap consists of only natural and healthy ingredients which doesn’t harm your skin and health. How to start an healthy lifestyle then?

Stop with soapless soap

The liquid so called Soap is packed with many artificial, unfamiliar and harmful ingredients which might harm your health. Soapless soap strips your natural protective fat layer of the skin, that can cause irritation, dry skin and other skin issues.

During my nutrition studies, I was exposed to the value of using natural ingredients. as I have noticed the positive impact of using natural ingredients on my health and my family when it comes to our bodies. I started making Soap as a healthy solution for my baby’s skin to ensure that his skin receives the best treatment.

The main problem with using a natural soap product is that it’s consider as a luxury product and can cost a lot. Soap bar price normally starts from 10$ and above. Even if you can afford doing it, I still recommend the alternative

So, what is the alternative?

Make your own Natural product

Hi, nice to meet you!

My name is Sharona Rapaport, and I am a professional soap maker.

I come from the world of natural nutrition. I studied at the Faculty of Agriculture of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and I am a graduate of BSc. Over the years, I have learned and experienced alternative medicine, natural nutrition, and natural cosmetics.

After giving dozens of workshops, I have perfected my Soapmaking process. I took my knowledge and experience with different individuals to create an online workshop which will teach you how to make eco-friendly and healty soap. The course is tailormade for everyone and all the steps are written for you. This is your first step into a simple natural world.

I am very curious and like to experiment with different crafts. I can say that learning how to produce my own Soap was the first step in entering into a larger world. A world of experimenting with new ideas and materials.

Since then, I have acquired knowledge that I want to share! Over the years, I have been giving workshops in my studio. And selling the materials for Soapmaking, helping to make them more accessible for everyone.

Wth this course you are going to be able to quickly produce a luxury product. My main reason for doing those workshops is that I trully believe that using natural personal products is a fundamental right and should not be an expensive luxury.

One of the best advantage you will take from my course is that you can decide which ingredient will be part of your natural soap. This is your own creation.


You can make your own healthy soap super easily! Everyone needs soap, soap can be a unique product that you can give as a gift. It can be adjusted to any skin type and you can design it as you wish. This is your chance to get creative, You are officially an artist.


Soap-making skills can be acquired very quickly! The workshops are tailor-made to a broad target audience and at the same time for an individual who is curious about making natural soaps.
All that knowledge is packed into short videos which will save you time and trouble.


Making a soap bar is so much fun! You can decide what is the color of your soap and add your favorite scent to it. Although it is so much fun to get crazy with the design, The best part of it is the feeling of the soap on your skin. After you start it’s a love from the first touch.

Course snapshot, we are making it simple.

The course includes all the needed information starting with a tool list to set you up and going over different types of oils for your purpose and preference. To keep it simple, the content is divided into short chapters so it will be easy for you to learn, create and enjoy the process of soap making.
This is exactly how the course will be viewed on your main screen.

Unlike private lessons or a workshop that has a time limit, this is a self-paced course.
You could purchase the course and watch it whenever you want.

*This course includes professional tips at each of the preparation stages.

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