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דלג על התפריט

Neta Brint

I love to travel and to meet new people, So no wonder that I find  tourism field so
True and natural to me. I studied Chinese culture, History and language during my B.A.
In 2010 I had the privilege to work in Shanghai Expo 2010- in Israel pavilion
And to introduce Israel to the Chinese people. During this time, I realized
This is what I want to do- to share the information and love of my country too
Others. After I came back to Israel and join the famous Travel agency, during this
Time I did 2 years tour guiding course and the rest is history!

Israel is only 21
Square km, but you can find everything in this tiny land: History, religion,
Desert, sea, craters, special birds and so much more. I Also a co-partner at
“Project You-Yi” which is a local start-up company. Its goal is to help local
Hotels and business to be familiar with Chinese markets, get ready for Chinese
Visitors and to become 100% Chinese friendly. I am managing all the work in
Israel and responsible to coordinate between our visitors and best land
Suppliers. As a tour guide I am not afraid from clients who challenge us with
Build new itinerary out of the box, give us a try and you will see.

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