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50% forgot to buy holiday gifts for their best friend on black Friday!

Don’t forget your holiday gift

We finished with crazy November, black Friday, singles day, cyber Monday, and new names, which I’m not familiar with…(thank god!)

And now, let’s get serious. Apparently, many of us belong to the statistic of 50% who forget to buy holiday gifts for our best friends on black Friday, including me!

It might be too late to buy an electric device as it will probably arrive after the holidays.

Here is my suggestion for a much better holiday gift, your own handmade soap bar!

You can make it with the color and the smell she loves, and even to adjust it to her skin type.

natural solid soap bar as a gift

Is it easy to make a soap bar?

Creating a unique and natural solid soap bar using simple ingredients is possible and much easier than you think, as long as you follow Sharona’s guidance.

What makes the soap natural?

Natural Milla soapmaking course emphasizes the importance of using zero plastic and enjoying 100% natural and healthy ingredients.

100% Natural ingridients

Beautiful and practical gift

Natural Soap bar is a great gift as everyone uses it!

It can be used to wash the face and hands, dishes and perfect for traveling and camping.

This Soap is all about healthy cleaning and, most importantly, showing off your DIY good-looking product!

How to start making natural soap bar?

We recommend the Natural Milla soap course as Sharona, the instructor, has over a decade of experience making and teaching how to make solid soaps and natural products. Sharona is such a great teacher. Check out her promotion video to see the positive and fun attitude.

The course is very comprehensive and comes with an instructed booklet which will teach you how to make your own bar of Soap and make a great gift for your friends and family.

In addition, when you buy the online course, you can join Sharona’s online community and get support directly from Sharona and meet other soap makers. The only spoiler here is that it quickly becomes an addiction! (I’m writing it from my heart).

So don’t worry if you forgot to buy a holiday gift, be original and give a homemade unique natural soap bar.

If you still wonder about the course as a gift, read all the benefits of the natural soap bar in the next post.

Here is an idea, You can treat yourself and buy the course as a gift for yourself or as a present for your friends and get many soaps back.

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