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Why I Stopped buying expensive natural skincare products and started DIY

You cam make your own skincare product

There are so many expensive and branded skincare products out there.

Costumers that care about using natural ingredients on their skin might buy expensive natural skincare products to identify themselves as a unique person who cares about indulging themselves.

We don’t really know if this expensive natural skincare product is 100% natural and has such high quality.

How about you save those high expenses and start making natural skin products yourself?

Let’s take a soap bar as a case study

What will make your handmade Soap a luxury product? You can create it with the best ingredients and elegant design. That way, you will control the budget, ensure your product is eco-friendly, and it might be your new unique hobby!

Charcoal soap is such a great luxury product!

Let’s make a luxury Soap

Making your own highest quality soap bar will allow you to create Soap from the best ingredients at an affordable price.

Take, for example, the trendy Charcoal Soap.

Gentle for your skin, moderated price.

Natural Milla Soap-making course will teach you how to make your own soaps from scratch.

By that, I mean from Lye, essential oils and butter, and the secret ingredients she reveals.

Anyhow, trying out her DIY Soap course and other natural product made me feel that my hobby has the best smell.

It also protects the earth by making it 100% organic without any plastic involved!

Watch out, Dior, my Soap is just before you 😉

Why buy an expensive brand product while you can create your own luxury product?

Why solid Soap and not liquid? Check out our post about why you should say goodbye to your liquid Soap.3 reasons to say goodbye to your “liquid Soap”

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