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I am Sharona, and this is my Soap making course

Sharona soap course
Sharona Rapaport

Natural ingredients are being discussed in many aspects, such as processed food and the overuse of disposable plastics. It is essential to understand the same rules and ideas that apply to the substances we use on our skin. Those materials absorb into our body!

Natural products

Nice to meet you

My name is Sharona Rapaport, and I am a professional soap maker.

I come from the world of natural nutrition. I studied at the Faculty of Agriculture of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and I am a graduate of Bs.c. Over the years, I have learned and experienced alternative medicine, natural nutrition, and natural cosmetics.

Solid shampoo bar

Why did I start making soap?

During my nutrition studies, I was exposed to the value of using natural ingredients. I have noticed the positive impact of using natural ingredients on my health and my family when it comes to our bodies.
I started making soap as a healthy solution for my baby’s skin to ensure that his skin receives the best treatment.

I am very curious and like to experiment with different crafts. I can say that learning how to produce my own soap was the first step in entering a larger world. A world of experimenting with new ideas and materials.

The most important thing to understand is that there are alternatives!

soap making course

Sharing my knowledge

The main reason for doing those workshops is that using natural personal products is a fundamental right and not a luxury.

After giving dozens of workshops, I have perfected my soapmaking process. I took my knowledge and experience with different individuals to create this online soap workshop. This online course is tailormade for everyone and all the steps are written down. This is your first step into a simple natural world.

Since then, I have acquired knowledge that I want to share! Over the years, I have been giving workshops in my studio. And selling the materials for Soapmaking, helping to make them more accessible for everyone.Learn about Sharona Soap Making Course

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