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3 reasons to say goodbye to your “liquid Soap”

#1 “Not a Real Soap”

When it smells like Soap and looks like Soap, how come it is not Soap?

To all the liquid soap fans out there, let’s get it straight once and for all “liquid soapless Soap” is not natural Soap. Although it cleans your skin, it’s not an actual soap. It is a soap-like substance. If you are looking for the right name, it should have been “a liquid detergent. ” This will bring us to the following reason:

liquid soap
Wait, so my hand is clean or not?

#2 Unfamiliar ingredients

Just like when you buy food, you make sure that the product does not contain ingredients that you are not sure if are bad for you. The same goes with your Soap.

Healthy ingredients
Healthy ingredients

Our skin is the largest organ in our body. Almost everything you apply to your skin can penetrate directly into the bloodstream and disrupt your health balance.
Soapless Soap strips your natural protective fat layer of the skin, which can cause irritation, dry skin, and other skin issues.

A natural soap consists of only natural and healthy ingredients that don’t harm your skin and health.

The so-called liquid Soap is packed with many artificial, unfamiliar, and harmful ingredients which might harm your health. just look at the example below

#3 Plastic bottles waste

It’s estimated that by 2050 there’s going to be one piece of plastic per fish in the ocean. That is so scary! Most major industrial soaps come in plastic bottles. Unlike liquid Soap, the solid soap package is made of paper which can be recycled or no package at all. And how do you know when your solid Soap is “finished”? It simply dissolves!

Taking it one step further, if you make your own natural Soap, you can make sure it is plastic-free Soap. How is it plastic-free? You do not need to contain it inside a plastic bottle or throw it away as it does not have any plastic package.


Goodbye Liquid Soap Hello Natural Soap

So liquid Soap is not natural, has many unfamiliar ingredients, and is not an eco-friendly product.

There is more and more awareness for sustainable products, and the best substitute for it is a DIY natural soap bar. That way, you are totally under control. You are buying the ingredients and making a batch of unique natural soap bars with your choices in them!

It might sound complicated, but actually, The Milla soap course explains it very clearly and takes you to step by step until you make your perfect healthy natural Soap. Come and meet Sharona, the owner, in our next post!

natural soap
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