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Everyday Zero-Waste Living Products I can’t go without

Zero waste living lifestyle is possible

The more we consume, the more waste is produced. The best solution to our over garbage is to reduce the consumption of products and to reuse more to reduce the waste.

Another option is recycling, but can we depend just on recycling? No. Recycling is not enough. It’s not the perfect solution.

There’s simply too much to process, and we’re consuming way too much.

The better solution and more important is to consume less and produce less waste in the first place.

One person can make a difference by simply making an effort to consume less and be more conscious of waste.

My first advice for zero-waste living style

Use less and do not buy more new products just because they are considered eco-friendly.

But some products are a game-changer and will make a big difference in the long run.

Here are some examples that I have and use.

Even Snow-white knows

Stainless steel water bottles

stainless steel retains your drink’s temperature for longer, they last through almost anything, and they’re dishwasher safe.

Stainless steel bottles are guaranteed not to contain BPA or any harmful chemicals that could leak into your water. They’re completely safe and don’t attitude a threat to your health.

A reusable stainless steel water bottle is the best solution for using single-use plastic bottles.


Beeswax food wrap

if you want to use less cling wrap and plastic bags to wrap your food, you should definitely try beeswax food wrap for your next sandwich.

This flexible cover fabric folds up around your sandwich and covers leftovers food bowls to keep fresh and clean in your fridge.

You can rinse it clean with cold water and mild Soap and reuse them again and again.

Solid soap bar and shampoo bar

Liquid Soap has 10x the carbon footprint of a soap bar. The main reason is that liquid Soap is packaged in plastic containers.

Solid Soap and shampoo, on the other hand, usually have minimal or no packaging at all. Only a simple paper label is generally applied.

Solid shampoo bar
Seeing green

Menstrual cup

It is safe, very effective, reusable, and much more eco-friendly than single-use pads or tampons. A menstrual cup is a flexible cup, usually made out of medical silicone, that’s designed for use inside your body during your period to catch and collect blood.

It may take a few attempts to figure out how to use a cup, so be patient and consistent.

There are dozens of brands and types of menstrual cups available for purchase. You may have to try some of them before you find the perfect match for you.

A reusable cup can last up to 10 years!

Makeup Remover Pads

These reusable cotton rounds pads are perfect for removing makeup or excess dirt from your face. They are ecofriendly alternatives to single-use cotton balls or cotton rounds

Apply some almond oil on your face, apply a little bit of water on your cotton pads to make it moist, wipe your skin using the pads until your face feels clean enough.
Once you’ve used them, you can put them in the washing bag and run them through the laundry. You’ll never have to rebuy single-use cotton rounds.

Soap nuts

Are a berry shell that naturally contains a cleaning agent that works like a detergent. They grow on the Sapindus Mukorossi (Soap Berry) tree in the Himalayas.

Place 4-6 soap nuts in a cheesecloth bag and put it in the washing machine. Choose your program and wash. After the load is done, remove the bag from the device and dry it.

Important note: Soap nuts do not have any smell, which means your laundry won’t have the regular synthetic detergent smell you are used to. If you want to add some scent to your laundry, you can use essential oils. My favorite is Lavender Geranium.

Soap nuts are reusable. You can use them up to 10 times before the shells become soft gray.

These are my top must-have eco-friendly alternative items to your everyday life. They significantly impacted my routine, and I hope on yours too.

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